OryzaSNP Consortium

Written by Hei Leung
Wednesday, 10 October 2007

The International Rice Functional Genomics Consortium (IRFGC) has initiated a project, the OryzaSNP Consortium, to provide the rice research community extensive information on genetic variation present within and between diverse rice cultivars and landraces, as well as the genetic resources to exploit that information. See the IRRI press release and Colorado State University press release about the project.

Among crop plants, rice is uniquely positioned to achieve this goal due to the release of a high-quality, whole-genome sequence; advances in the use of high-density arrays to compare complex genomes; and the availability of large collections of genetic materials rich in trait variation.

The Consortium Project has generated a large fraction of the single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) present in cultivated rice through whole-genome comparisons of 20 rice genomes , including cultivars, germplasm lines, and landraces. The SNP data are entirely public (www.oryzasnp.org) and can be used to identify a collection of SNPs for undertaking whole-genome scans.

The research community has expressed strong interest to participate in this consortium effort to a) contribute detailed phenotyping of the SNP-genotyped lines to establish a foundation for association genetics, and b) apply the SNP dataset to build high-resolution genotyping and expression analysis platforms.

Through this Consortium website, we will provide information on the SNP project and the continuing collaboration with the research community to apply the SNP dataset for different applications.

We would appreciate your feed back and suggestions regarding the data set and how we can improve its annotation and presentation.

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